Kambio Performance clients include a wide variety of high-performers such as Olympic and professional athletes, classical musicians, plastic surgeons, corporate leaders, Cirque Du Soleil performers, lawyers, business executives, police officers, healthcare practitioners, sales representatives, and beyond.

Businesses, Corporations and in the Workplace

Mr. Ménard's remarkable comprehension and teaching skills in performance psychology make him a leader in his field. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and has the right skills to help elite performers get better.
- Bernard Petiot
Vice-President Casting and Performance at Cirque Du Soleil
The speaker spoke about the importance of having an “agile mindset” within our workplace environment. He was sought-after to be part of our Leadership Perspectives Speaker Series. Everybody loved his thought provoking concepts and inspirational stories! Participants left the room with hands-on strategies to embrace their potential.
- Detlef Hold
PD Regulatory Affairs Organizational Development, Genentech, Roche
Very passionate and engaging speaker who knows his subject very well. Terrific presentation, offered excellent targeted strategies relevant to the work we are doing.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Kambio Performance speaker only spent a few hours with our sales team, however the impact of his talk is still noticeable. Everybody in attendance left with a skill or technique that they could apply immediately. I would recommend his services to anybody looking to increase their efficiency, effectiveness or overall performance.
- Rafael Courtemanche
Sales Manager, Trane Canada ULC - Ingersoll Rand
Brilliant workshop! Enjoyed confirmation that visualization and breathing can change your thinking if use in a positive manner. Speaker was very passionate and interacting. I took a number of things from this to put into practice in the future.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
M. Ménard was an amazing speaker. He made us all reflect on what we could work on to improve as performers at work. His stories, strategies and advice were instrumental for personal development.
- Marie-Claude Laporte
Senior Advisor, Disability Management and Wellness, CRIA - ViaRail

Athletes, Performers and Coaches

When I thought about the forthcoming Rio Olympic Games, I dreamt of stepping onto the track and being able to tell myself that I was as prepared for that moment as I could possibly be. It was something that I had heard other athletes say, but never truly felt for myself. So that's when I sought out the help of JF. Despite a lot of set-backs and disturbances to my training regimen in the year leading in to the Olympics, the work that JF and I did throughout the year had me feeling the most mentally prepared and confident that I had ever been. Truly a dream come true.
- Derek Drouin
High Jumper - World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist
Working with Kambio Performance has been a difference-maker in our comeback. Through careful planning, strategic visualization, thoughtful self-reflection, and systematic implementation, he has taught us that it is possible to conquer our fears and maximize our athletic abilities. We now have the mental tools to be the best athletes we can possibly be. There is no greater gift for an athlete to receive!
- Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue
Figure Skaters - 5x Olympic Medalists, 3x World Champions
Over the years, I was given the tools to control my emotions in crucial moments and has made me realize how important it is to manage my energy day-in and day-out. I feel well equipped to perform when it counts the most, even when unexpected distractions surface come race day. I will be ready to face any type of situation to perform at my best during the next Olympic Games!
- Mikael Kingsbury
Mogul Skier - Olympic Gold Medalist, 7x Crystal Globe winner and all-time World Cup leader
After medaling at the 2012 Olympic Games, the expectations to perform had changed and the pressure mounted, so I decided to reach out for help. It helped me evolve and become a mentally tougher athlete, which was a great contributor in medaling at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships. JF is professional in his work, very knowledgeable and knows how to adapt to your needs. He is without a doubt one of the most influential individual in my career.
- Antoine Valois-Fortier
Canadian Judo National Team Athlete - Olympic Medalist and 2x World Championship Medalist
I was offered the tools to play with confidence in high pressure moments. The consultant was a great listener and very passionate about his work. The one thing I loved about our relationship is that he understood me, not only the athlete, but more importantly me as a person. He helped me be the best I could be on and off the court.
- Stephanie Dubois
Former Canadian Professional Tennis Player
Jean Francois has done impeccable work with many of our athletes on the judo national team. His abilities to adapt to the athlete's needs and his open-minded approach to understand our judo culture sets him apart from other consultants in his field. His method is well structured and organized, and this is greatly appreciated by the coaching staff and the athletes because we know exactly what to expect! He is an individual who lives by principles of excellence, and it reflects in his teaching methods and in the way he handles himself.
- Nicolas Gill
High Performance Director and Head Coach
Judo Canada National Team, 2x Olympic medalist and 3x World Championship Medalist
Kambio Performance was able to teach me how to cope with stressful moments and supply the right tools to become a winner again. Now, I am capable to manage my emotions when needed and I know how to become confident when it counts the most. Our sessions are highly educational; I just seem to learn so much every time I have a session. Finding solutions to my challenges has become easier than ever! Kambio Performance is undoubtedly an important contributor to my recent success and I am grateful for their help.
- Maxence Parrot
Professional Snowboarder - Olympic Medalist and 5x XGames Gold Medalist
I have been privileged to know and work with JF Menard for the past five years and I can say without reservation that he is exceptionally gifted at his craft. I have relied upon him in many high performance situations for council to the athletes I support, or those with whom I am involved in building support teams. JF has always been 100% invested in every scenario and if he does not feel he has the right answer to any question or concern, he is not shy to consult others with whom he confides before rendering council. He is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to refer any client of mine towards his services.
- Scott Livingston
Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-Owner of Premiere Performance, former SC Coach of Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and New York Islanders
It was an absolute pleasure working with Kambio Performance. Working in a circus can be challenging at times and he gave me the right advice so I could be at my best. Kambio Performance has changed so many people's lives for the better.
- Stuart McKenzie
Artist at Cirque Du Soleil
Working with Kambio Performance is undoubtedly the best choice I have ever made for my career development. As a performer in a high-pressure and intensely competitive environment, taking control of my mental game has not only boosted my confidence, but it has also had a marked effect on my audition and competition success. The skills I learned from him have changed my mindset both on- and off-stage in ways I never could have anticipated. No matter what your career, I highly recommend Kambio Performance to anyone who wants to better their performance and gain a fresh perspective!
- Lara Deutsch
Professional Classical Musician