Kambio Performance mental performance coaches, speakers and trainers are highly skilled professionals who bring a great wealth of experience from different performance domains. All Kambio Performance mental performance coaches have Masters Degrees from well-recognized performance psychology university graduate programs. They are also recognized by the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Jean François Ménard

Founder and President - Mental performance coach, Speaker, Trainer
Jean François Ménard is widely recognized for his contributions to the field of performance psychology. At the age of 25 and fresh out of graduate school, he joined the world-famous entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil, where he coached circus artists to deal with pressure and perform at their best, on demand, up to 450 times a year. Five years later, he founded Kambio Performance and has since become one of the most sought-after mental performance specialists in the country. During the 2016/2018/2020 Olympic Games, his clients stepped on the podium eleven times: 5x gold, 2x silver and 4x bronze. He is a bestselling book author, a radio personality and professional speaker with over 750 keynote speeches delivered to organizations such as the FBI, PepsiCo, RedBull, SunLife Financial, and NASA. His private clients are proven winners: Olympic gold medalists, SuperBowl and X-Games champions, professional athletes, surgeons, pop stars, and corporate leaders. He is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

André Lachance

Speaker and Trainer
André Lachance is an internationally acclaimed baseball coach, keynote speaker and university professor. Over the years, André has given over 500 keynote speeches in 20 countries on various topics related to leadership, team coaching and group efficacy. André has built the first Women's National Baseball Program in Canada and has led the team as their head coach for 15 years. He also teaches advanced coaching courses at the University of Ottawa. In 2007, André was granted the University of Ottawa Teacher of the Year award for his outstanding teaching skills. André is also the recipient of the nationally respected Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal given by the Canadian Government for contributing significantly to Canadian sport system. He is famous for his novel concepts and is known to live by an "out of the box" approach. He is a dynamic speaker who travels the globe sharing his knowledge to countless business corporations and sports organizations such as the NHL, UNESCO, MLB, Novartis and several Olympic Committees across the world. He is based in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.

Alex Hodgins

Mental performance coach and Speaker
Alex Hodgins is a highly accomplished mental performance coach with a specialization in both individual and team performance, as well as leadership and culture development. He was the mental performance coach for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team who captured bronze (2016) and gold (2020) at the Olympic Games. He now works with the Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Whitecaps, as well as two other Canadian Olympic programs. Alex helps teams create winning cultures and he coaches athletes to play with clear intentions and confident minds. He utilizes advanced techniques like biofeedback, mindfulness and pressure management strategies to deliver consistent performances under the most challenging situations. His calm demeanor and his natural teaching abilities has benefited some of the most talented athletes across the country. He is a lifelong learner, pursuing personal and professional growth everyday. Alex resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Sieger Roorda

Mental performance coach and Speaker
As a former national level flatwater kayaker and canoe-kayak coach, Sieger Roorda has always had a passion for finding ways to better himself and his athletes. He is the mental performance coach of the nationally acclaimed University of Ottawa men’s basketball team. Sieger’s excellent work and positive reputation in the field allowed him to expand his position to mental performance coordinator for all varsity teams at the University. Sieger now boasts immense experience with both team and individual sports, with committed clients ranging from a wide range of performance domains, including varsity and national champions in various sports, musical performers, Olympic and professional athletes, and sales team managers for corporate clients such as Bell Media. He finds his personal satisfaction from helping others pursue their passions and achieve their goals through a client-first approach. Sieger works out of Ottawa and Montreal.

Beth McCharles

Mental performance coach and Speaker
Beth McCharles is a sought-after mental performance coach and keynote speaker. She has a unique combination of experience: former elite athlete, soccer coach, academic researcher and now a mental performance coach with over 20 years’ experience working with a variety of performers including Olympians, musicians, actors, adventurists, professional athletes and executives. Over the years, she’s participated in 7 world championships and collaborated with organizations such as Hockey Canada, Curling Canada and the Canadian Sport Institute. With a dynamic and storytelling approach, Beth has delivered keynote speeches and workshops to top organizations like Nike, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2019, she was inducted to the St. Francis Xavier University Sport Hall of Fame. Beth lives in Toronto, Canada.